Corgi Toys. Gift Set #0 'Car style' Spacer Box for Gift Sets.

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The box shown here is the Spacer Box for various Corgi Toys Gift Sets including the  Gift Set #1 Carrimore Car Transporter with 4 Cars.

  It is a yellow 'car style' 'end-flap' type box with the dog logo on all 4 long faces.   There are 2 sizes - 'LARGE' and 'small'.

Use of the 2 sizes in the original Gift Sets seems to have been on a random basis ! - so it's personal preference - choose whichever you prefer - there isn't a 'right' or 'wrong' size for any given Gift Set.

Two spacer boxes are required to go with Gift Set #1A.

When purchasing, please indicate the size you require by choosing from the two options above.