Dinky Toys #513 (#913) Guy Flat Truck with Tailboard - stripes.

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The box shown here is for the Dinky Toys #513 Guy Flat Truck with Tailboard model.

It is a 'Supertoys' style lid & base type 'stripes' box, for the later all over light green finish version of the model.

If your model is the 2-tone dark green & light green or the blue & orange version, we can also supply the boxes with the correct colour illustrations for those model versions.

When purchasing, please indicate the correct colour choice for your model by selecting from the colour options above.

If your model is one of a wide range of early post war colour finishes, we can also supply the correct 'blue wrap' style box for those models.

Please see our other listings under this model number for the boxes for these other model variations.